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ClickyBooth Wedding Services - Unforgettable Moments, Timeless Memories

Make your wedding day even more magical with ClickyBooth's exclusive wedding package. Our full-service offering is designed to add a touch of elegance and a lot of fun to your special day. Here's what our wedding package includes:

  1. Three-Hour Full Package: Enjoy three hours of ClickyBooth magic at your wedding. Our expert team will be on-site to set up, assist guests, and ensure that every moment is captured seamlessly.

  2. Handpicked Props for Endless Fun: Dive into a treasure trove of handpicked props that add a touch of whimsy and creativity to your photos. From elegant to downright hilarious, our collection ensures a wide range of options for you and your guests.

  3. Instant Prints from a Pro Printer: Cherish the moments with high-speed, professional-grade prints from our top-of-the-line printer. Your guests can take home instant keepsakes, creating lasting memories of your special day.

  4. iPad Pro Innovation: Our photobooth is equipped with the latest iPad Pro, allowing your guests to preview, customize, and instantly share their photos on social media. The sleek and modern design adds a tech-savvy touch to the traditional wedding experience.

  5. Background Options to Suit Your Theme: Personalize your photo experience with a variety of background options. Whether you prefer classic elegance or a theme that resonates with your love story, ClickyBooth has the perfect backdrop to enhance your wedding photos.

  6. Professional On-Site Assistance: Our friendly and professional team will be present throughout the event to assist guests, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. From explaining how to use the booth to helping with props, we've got everything covered.


Elevate the joy of your child's christening with ClickyBooth's enchanting services. Our comprehensive christening package offers one hour of pure delight, featuring a carefully curated selection of whimsical props that add a touch of magic to every photo. 

Capture the essence of this special day with our high-speed, professional-grade printer that instantly transforms memories into tangible keepsakes. Your guests will relish the opportunity to take home personalized prints, creating lasting mementos of the christening celebration.

Powered by the latest iPad Pro, ClickyBooth allows guests to customize and instantly share their photos on social media. The sleek and modern design of our booth, combined with the availability of various background options, ensures a personalized touch that complements the theme of the celebration.

Our friendly and professional on-site team will be there to assist throughout the event, making the ClickyBooth experience seamless and enjoyable for all. Book ClickyBooth for your child's christening, and let the laughter and cherished memories unfold in a whimsical celebration of this significant milestone.

Private Parties


Home Parties

Turn your home party into a lively affair with ClickyBooth! 
Capture the joy with instant prints from our high-speed, professional-grade printer, providing tangible memories that your guests can take home. ClickyBooth also offers a personalized touch with a variety of background options, allowing you to tailor the photobooth experience to suit your home party theme perfectly. Elevate your gathering with ClickyBooth's seamless and enjoyable services – book now for a memorable addition to your home party festivities!

Private Events

Transform your private party into a lively celebration with ClickyBooth! . Enjoy a vast selection of props for endless entertainment, and relish the instant gratification of high-speed, professional-grade photo prints from our top-tier printer. ClickyBooth ensures a personalized experience with a variety of background options, perfectly tailored to complement the theme of your private event. Make memories that last a lifetime – book ClickyBooth now for a seamless and delightful addition to your private party festivities!

Corporate Events



Enhance your conference experience with ClickyBooth's dynamic services! Capture the essence of professional networking and shared moments with instant prints from our high-speed, professional-grade printer, delivering top-quality images promptly. ClickyBooth also provides a touch of customization with various background options, ensuring a seamless fit with the conference theme. Elevate your event with ClickyBooth – book now for a unique and enjoyable addition to your conference, fostering connections and leaving lasting impressions.

Corporate Parties

Elevate your corporate party with ClickyBooth's premier services!  Capture the essence of your professional gathering with instant prints from our high-speed, professional-grade printer, ensuring top-quality images promptly delivered. ClickyBooth adds a touch of sophistication and fun to corporate events, creating memorable moments that foster team spirit. Enhance your corporate party experience – book ClickyBooth now for a seamless and enjoyable addition to your professional celebrations, leaving a lasting impression on colleagues and clients alike.

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